Depression in Men


Are you tired or irritable all the time? Have you lost interest in your work, family, or hobbies? Are you having trouble sleeping and feeling angry or aggressive, sad, or worthless? Have you been feeling like this for weeks or months?

If so, you may have depression.

What is Depression?

Everyone feels sad or irritable sometimes, or has trouble sleeping occasionally. But these feelings and troubles usually pass after a couple of days.

What are the signs and symptoms of depression in men?

  • Feeling sad or “empty”

  • Feeling hopeless, irritable, anxious, or angry

  • Loss of interest in work, family, or once-pleasurable activities, including sex

  • Feeling very tired

  • Not being able to concentrate or remember details

  • Overeating, or not wanting to eat at all

  • Not being able to sleep, or sleeping too much

  • Thoughts of suicide, or suicide attempts

  • Aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems

  • Inability to meet the responsibilities of work, caring for family, or other important activities.


How can I help a loved one who is depressed?

  • Offer him support, understanding, patience, and encouragement

  • Talk to him, and listen carefully

  • Never ignore comments about suicide, and report them to his therapist or doctor

  • Invite him out for walks, outings and other activities. If he says no, keep trying, but don’t push him to take on too much too soon.

  • Encourage him to report any concerns about medications to his health care provider

  • Remind him that with time and treatment, the depression will lift.