Anthony. Jacksonville, FL.

“I was a happy child, I entertained myself. We moved around a lot from birth til I was 6. I loved it. Elementary was there, but starting in junior high, I started to feel depressed; out of place. I always knew I was different, but starting in junior high it was something different. I started playing guitar in junior high. I always wanted to play. Christmas time, either 7th or 8th grade, I discovered Nirvana. Nirvana got me; I understood how he felt. I dug deep into the grunge scene, it helped me. It still does. Going into high school, I still felt the same. I was that weird kid, I was forgettable. I had one best friend I hung out with all the time and we became who we are together. I still was feeling depressed.  I was kind of shy too. 
After I graduated, I went to college. There was this one terrible class that stressed me out. I had somewhat of a breakdown and dropped the class and went to a psychologist and was diagnosed with depression and some learning disabilities (math). I was prescribed with an anti-depressant. It didn’t work with me. Then, I tried to kill myself at my exes house (we were still together) and was put in the hospital. Then, I went through another depression after I got dumped.  My best friend had moved months before so I didn’t have anyone to really hang out with. Then, I finally got a band and friends. I brought my guitar to college. I didn’t play much guitar when I was with my ex cause she made me feel like I couldn’t cause I didn’t know theory. 
Even though I still battle with depression (some days are better than others) and
I stress easily and am anxious over stuff that I need to do, like school, work, art, etc; I want to help people with my music whether it’s my band or being an art therapist. It’s all because of music.”