Nina. Jacksonville, FL.

“I saw my first counselor at age 5. I was prescribed my first set of “crazy pills” at age 13. People called me a “problem child” because they didn’t understand me or try to. The only out I had was music. I had a whole shelf dedicated to cd’s and cassette tapes. As a teenager, batteries was the one thing I really felt I couldn’t live without.

Through many varieties of genres and lyrics, I was able to feel like someone else understood what I was going through, being misunderstood, abused, left out, ect. As the years went on, everything kept changing… my addresses, diagnoses, clothes style, everything. But the one thing that never changed is music. I have always had music.

A few years ago, I enrolled in college for photography. Now I work as a freelance photographer with the main goal to capture all the beauty in life with my lens. Funny enough, I get the most enjoyment photographing musicians in action, whether they are a big name band, a new group just beginning to get their name out there, a school band or just some guy on the corner with a guitar and an open case looking for donations.

Music can be uplifting, music can help express anger safely. Music can make you feel not so alone. Music can even bring people together. I am diagnosed with P.T.S.D., A.D.H.D, O.D.D., social anxiety disorder, and personality disorder. I no longer require medication because I learned coping skills and how to keep the right people, places and things around me to help me grow and succeed as a photographer and new business woman. One of my main coping skills is a set of headphones and the mp3 player I finally graduated to. I really think Mind Over Music is a great idea and I will be involved in promoting it every way I can.”