April. Jacksonville, FL.

(Special Needs Teacher)
“‘Normal is not normal;’ ‘We all have a disability’ is what I tell my class (and myself). These words are easy to say, yet hard to accept.

I want my students to feel empowered, important and invincible; and to not let their disabilities stop them from being who they are meant to be. I wonder if they know I am saying these words to myself, as well. I wonder if my students know just how much they keep me going. THEY are the strong ones. Their “labels” are visible. They have overcome so much in such a short time. I can see their physical pain as they push on to complete the lessons that I give.

I cherish the words they say because it takes them every breath to say it. They are my rock and my will to overcome my “label” or at least to live with it! I have an amazing life. I have an amazing family ( a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful kids). I attend church every Sunday, pray at the dinner table, work everyday, and pay my bills on time (mostly). There is nothing I should want. I am blessed. Yet, everyday I am scared.