Kim. Jacksonville, FL.

“I began having night terrors at 4. My depression and anxiety began at 14. At 21, I had my first breakdown. I sought inpatient treatment and was there for 21 days.  I had another breakdown at age 25.  

Through all of this, I always promised myself that I would not give up on feeling better. There were countless therapy sessions and a lot of journaling. In 2012, I started going to church. This was a major breakthrough for me. I still attend regularly, growing spiritually and mentally. It has taken 34 years, but I have achieved my goal.  I love who I am today. I don’t take this for granted and I certainly don’t forget where I came from. 

My diagnoses… Major depression and generalized anxiety disorder.

Until I started reading these stories, I did label myself as the girl with a mental illness but NO MORE!! If I can help anyone, I want him or her to know that they CAN BE HAPPY (with some work) DONT GIVE UP! I am almost 48 now and I LOVE myself. I love life!”