Crystal. Jacksonville, FL


“When I was in kindergarten I was diagnosed with ADHD. I got this diagnosis because I was having behavioral issues, along with the fact that I apparently had thrown a desk at a teacher. Personally I don’t remember it. After years of being on different kids of ADHD medication that never really worked, and years of therapy sessions I finally took matters into my own hands.

I knew there something else wrong when I noticed my mood swings being as crazy as they were. I went to the doctor and asked for more testing to see what was wrong now. Turns out that for years I was misdiagnosed. I have Bipolar Disorder II. Its supposedly the “milder” version of bipolar but either way its still bad. You still have crazy mood swings, mild manic episodes which don’t last as long as normal manic episodes. I was put on medication for it, and for once I felt normal. I met a wonderful man, got married, had a daughter and now have another on the way. The sad part though, is while pregnant you can’t take the medication. The only thing that helps during this, is music. Music helps me calm down and cope with the mood swings. So I am fully on board with this movement.”