Frequently Asked Questions

How did this organization come to be?

The founders of Mind Over Music Movement (Chandler Loveless and Andrew Carroll) came together to create a "safe place" organization in the community. Examining their own struggles with mental health, respectively, they felt that there needed to be not only a general spread of awareness, but also a sense that anyone in the community should feel the comfort to seek help without fear of social stigma. 

MOMMinc was founded by two members of the community who felt a deep passion for the cause, and through the donated time and services of many professionals offering guidance (therapist, organization leaders, clinic and company CEO's, city offiials, etc) it has continued to grow, making MOMMinc belong in equal parts to the founders, the volunteers, and every member of the community. 

how does this ORGANIZATION work/ what are some of your programs? 

MOMMinc functions using one very simplistic ideal-

We can speak for hours on end to an individual about depression, and they may leave the conversation understanding the general concept. If we can reach the individual on a spiritual level through an experience like art or music, then they will leave the conversation feeling the message. 

  Keeping this in mind, MOMMinc's standard means of outreach sees us working with like minded artists and musicians to host social events. By having an event like a Friday night show at a local level venue with passionate musicians, we are able to offer a safe place for anyone who may be struggling. This allows us to speak openly with the individual, as we can create a "safe place" for community members to enter a stigma free environment, and share an experience with others who have gathered for same purpose. We never ask anyone to come with the intent to listen to a seminar or lecture, or even make an attempt to force themselves to speak openly about their mental health. We simply ask they come enjoy a night of art and music. 

The idea behind a social event such as this is that we are trying to create an open dialogue in the community. We truly believe that passion spreads, and in most instances, experiencing a night of acceptance and empathy is all that some need to break the barrier of comfort to take the steps to find support, and in turn, be able to support others. 

What results does your organization achieve? How has your program improved over time?

MOMMinc has seen a great amount of success in creating an open dialogue in the community in the way of interactions we've held leading towards a new inflection of hope for the individual. We are able to measure this success through social projects like our interactive blog series, #IamNotMyLabel. In this campaign, individuals from the community write beautiful submission style short essays about themselves. Cataloging their struggles, they speak about their passions, fears, goals, hobbies, careers, and whatever they deem relevant to their identity, all while explaining how they maintain this while living with a mental illness. We are beyond happy to say that over half of the stories submitted are reported to us as being the individuals first ever open speaking platform in regards to their mental health, and serve as a "coming out" means for most. 

Our program and general workings have improved over time by constantly canvasing the communities that we work with, and learning what is wanted/needed. Our shows not only serve as a way for us to entertain and for a short period speak, but also serve as a means for us to speak with the crowd on what they feel is imperative for change. While we keep our core values with every action we take, we firmly believe that MOMMinc belongs to every party involved, meaning we cater to the area. A good example of this would be the Mental Health Matters 5K held in Kent Island, Maryland on July 30th, 2016. For the time leading to the event, we had prominently dealt with live music. However, with Kent Island not having a strong local level music scene, we knew outreach would have to be through a different medium. Working with a passionate young woman, we were able to help host a fitness centered event for the people of Maryland, and we're proud to say that not only was the event a success, but we were able to return to Florida with a new team member and community to function in. 

What are your goals for the next three to five years? 

As Mind Over Music Movement progresses in age, we hope for the scale of our events to grow as well. Utilizing the opportunity to work with regional, and eventually national artists mean a wider audience, which ensures that we are reaching as many individuals as possible who may be struggling in silence. We hope to achieve this growth through the relentless hard work of our executive team to produce successful social events, as well as the continued support from community partners and fans alike. 

Where do my donations go? 

Any and all donations to MOMMinc are recycled into our consistent calendar of events, ensuring that we are constantly growing the scale of said events. 

While at face value a donation going into producing an event may seem frivolous, it is what is BEHIND the event that is what matters. Our events are staffed prominently by students/mental health clubs who are seeking the opportunity to work among the community in a field they are passionate about. Every artists that we work with is hand selected by MOMMinc, and performs with the knowledge of what the organization is. This means that every artists is performing with the intent to use the platform to speak comfortably with fans, and utilize the stage as a means to contribute to communal awareness. Couple both the volunteers and artists with every fan who attends, and you have an event that is not only equally produced by every member involved, but beneficial for every member involved.  

With that in mind, the continuous upkeep of our events is imperative as they serve as a mental release similar to therapy or meditation. We hold the belief that love and compassion are infectious, and just as a hard days work is satisfying, so to is showing acceptance and empathy to members of your community.  

what do you do past event planning?

MOMMinc is proud to serve as members of several Jacksonville committees, all of which geared toward the enrichment of Jacksonville. One such committee our organization is currently apart of is the Baker Act Task Force. Geared towards reforming the Baker Act process in Duval County, this group is tasked with identifying underlying problems in the system and making the necessary changes to help deter repeat Baker Acts. We are honored to sit among organizations such as the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office, MHRC, Riverpoint, The Mayors Office, Baptist Health, LSF, and many more. 


MOMMinc also attempts to help individuals who are looking for help furthering their own personal goal. One such instance would be the #Krypto4Emma campaign, which saw a family raising money to help acquire a service animal for their daughter living with Autism. We offer help in the way of private fundraising event advice, as well as alerting our community when there is a cause presented to us that we believe we can help be achieved.